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Ocean Safari

A California native, James has sought after adventure all his life. He has led over 800 hundred expeditions domestically and internationally and has logged over 6000+ hours underwater, much of that time with some of the largest sharks in the world. Over 300 Open Water students Certified in Monterey Bay along with many more Advanced Divers and Rescue Divers.

James Moskito is an Ambassador for Sharks and Whales. Leading Expeditions enables James to share underwater exploration, educate people and promote conservation.  He has introduced thousands of people to the ocean and believes this is key to helping sharks, whales and the environment.

James Moskito

James is known in the dive industry for the film production of large sharks. You’ve seen his work in TV Commercials, Movies, Magazines, during SHARKWEEK and more both in front and behind the camera. From 2019 to present James has been a spokesman for and in 2019 & 2020 was featured in a National Commercial Campaign for watch the commercial below or read about the Humpback Whale Rescue in Readers Digest “Best 100 Stories” or listen to it on NPR RadioLab. The whale rescue was also the inspiration for the Children’s book “The Eye of the Whale”

James has a unique skill set for his adventures that includes:

  • PADI and SSI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor
  • TDI Rebreather Instructor
  • 100 Ton Merchant Marine Ship Captain
  • White Shark Naturalist – National Marine Sanctuaries
  • Certified UC California Naturalist
  • Certified UC California Climate Steward
  • NOLS Wilderness EMT
  • PADI Instructor for many specialities including Great White Shark Diver
  • International Expedition Leader
  • U/W Photographer & Videographer
  • American Cetacean Society Naturalist
  • Divers Alert Network Instructor for CPR, First Aid, Oxygen, Dive Medicine, Diving Emergency Management
  • FAA Licensed Remote Pilot in Command Drone Pilot
  • All photographs on this website are taken by James

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About Safari

​The vessel “SAFARI” is a ZODIAC HURRICANE RIB, or Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat, with an aluminium hull surrounded by inflated pontoons for extra stability. “SAFARI” was designed and built in the USA in Stephensville, Maryland, USA by “Zodiac of North America” for the U.S. Navy SEALS and was deployed with SDVT-1 (SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team – 1) in Pearl Harbor.

At 33ft in length, she has more than enough room for our small group

“SAFARI” is consistently maintained to the highest standards of safety and reliability.

We feel “SAFARI” is the best platform to have an intimate experience with wildlife, being close to the water gives these trip a more personal feeling.
Our trips are designed for private and semi-private tours just 1-6 passengers

“SAFARI” is well equipped with all safety gear, life jackets and modern electronics needed and required
With 600hp we are able to quickly move from one encounter to another, even at ¼ of the top speed we can be comfortable and still be faster than the larger vessels. Even with lots of horsepower the motors are quiet and clean burning ( no smelly diesel )

“SAFARI” started out life known as 9MRX0301 or RIB-110 in the US Navy as part of the SDVT-1 Team as a support vessel for a SEAL Delivery Vehicle

In 2021 “SAFARI” was completely rebuilt with new electronics, radios, all new wiring, etc along with new 300 hp twin Mercury Motors.


Daring Rescue of Whale