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Fiji Trip

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Enjoy Fiji’s Beqa Lagoon Resorts Shark Dive Experience is one you will always remember.

A short boat ride from the resort brings you to a wonderland of marine life and some of the worlds best shark diving in clear warm water.

A visit to Beqa Island is truly a chance to get away from it all. A journey by boat across the Beqa Lagoon will transport you from life’s hustle and bustle to the lovely, secluded Beqa Island. As you near the shoreline, the sound of Fijians singing a traditional welcome song will be the first sign you have arrived in paradise. A warm smile and a floral lei greet you when you step onto the sand of this enchanting island resort, where even the palm trees seem to sway to the music in the warm sea breeze.
Beqa’s CATHEDRAL SHARK DIVE is one of only a couple of places on this planet where you can dive with a Tiger Shark up close and personal. In addition to the Majestic Tiger Sharks, the biggest predator of tropical seas, you will see multiple other shark species including Nurse, Lemon, Bull, Back Tip Reef, Grey Reef Sharks and More….all in clear, warm waters just a 15-minute boat ride from our resort. Sharks so close you could almost touch them….