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Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

Five-day excursion in Guadalupe

Quick Details


Great white shark diving in Guadalupe, Mexico

Cage diving with a great white shark is as exhilarating as it gets. This adventure is for everyone, certified divers or non-certified divers. Guadalupe Island is known as the best place in the world to cage dive with great whites; it has great visibility, often over a 100 feet, warm water at 65 – 70 degrees F, and most importantly, a 100% success rate.

The best part of the season for Guadalupe is August – October. We operate two four-person surface cages and one three-person submersible cage that goes down to 30 feet, taking you on an intimate journey into the home of the great white shark.

Please note: Once you book this trip, someone will be in contact with you very soon to coordinate the details of your trip and give you advice on anything you need to bring!


Day 1:
At 10 a.m., we pick your up in an escorted luxury coach at Hampton Inn in San Diego, CA, and you’re escorted to the ship in Ensenada, Mexico. This scenic drive takes about an hour and a half. Shortly after arriving on board, the vessel departs for Guadalupe. This is an 18-hour crossing to the island; during this time, you can eat, drink, and relax on board.

Day 2 – Day 4:
We arrive at Guadalupe in the early morning and immediately start cage diving operations. You will be bunking up on the boat. At the end of day 4, we start our trip back to port to arrive by noon the following day.

Day 5:
The luxury coach and your escort will be waiting to take us back to San Diego.

Because of the possible delays crossing the border at Tijuana, we recommend that you don’t book any flights until late that evening or the next day.