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Great White Sharks – Topside in Monterey Bay

See great white sharks!

Quick Details


Come be a great white shark topside observer

This tour is focused on seeing great white sharks on the surface, but we may see other wildlife such as dolphins, porpoises, whales, and more. We have an excellent chance to see great white sharks right at the surface!

In the past, we have seen as many as eight in one day. Great white sharks can be found there during any given day, so we expect to find at least a few during our tour. We expect to find juvenile great white sharks ranging from 6 to 9 feet in length, but we may encounter larger sharks too.

The best season is June – Sept., when the water is the warmest in the shallow part of the bay. Join us for an intimate encounter into the summer home of the great white shark!

Remember Before You Go

Because our boats travel at 20 plus miles per hour, there is a wind factor that can bring a chill. We have always said, “dress like you are going to the snow in layers.” Monterey weather can feel much cooler when on the water. We have spray-proof jackets for you to wear over your clothes if needed.  Once on site, typically it is warmer and we are adjusting our clothing layers as needed

Please visit the bathroom before you get onto the boat. There are no bathrooms onboard, and the trip lasts three hours. Also, please remember to pay for parking.

Meeting Location

  • Departing from Santa Cruz North Harbor “J Dock”  –More info and driving directions here

Please Note

All Guests must be in reasonably good health and able to step down into and step up out of the vessel to and from the dock

Our boat is equipped with soft cushions with backrest but even so, if you are pregnant, have a weak back or neck, or if you don’t like going fast over the water, you should not go. If you have concerns please consider booking with one of the the large capacity vessels in Monterey Bay

Contact us for additional details.