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Swim with Mobula and Orcas

Mobula Ray and Orca Expedition

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 Mobula Ray and Orca Expedition

The beautiful Sea of Cortez is home to many different and exciting migrations of megafauna, including one of our favourites, the Munk’s Pygmy Devil Ray (Mobula munkiana).  More commonly known as mobula rays, this iconic species gathers in the tens of thousands (not a misprint!) twice a year, with peak season from May to July, in the waters from Cabo San Lucas around to La Paz.  Join our mobula ray tour to witness this extraordinary mobula ray migration, along with some rarely encountered guests…

Our mobula and orca trips are an incredibly true adventure, in a world where there is not much adventure left to discover. Are we going to see mobulas first thing on the first day? Probably not. We’re going to have to search for them, we’re going to have to work for it. You might have to do ten splashes before you get that amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience where you’re in the center of a squadron of mobulas who are swimming unconcernedly around you. Don’t be fooled by the pictures, these mobulas are big! They can measure up to five feet across.


Where There Are Mobulas, There Are Orcas

Orcas (Orcinus orca) are commonly known as killer whales, or to be more accurate, these large apex predators are actually Cetacean Whales in the ODONTOCETI -Toothed Whales family Orcinus Orca. Males can grow up to 30 feet in length and swim over 35 mph, but the grandmas are the real bosses of the family. These fascinating and highly intelligent “resident” and “oceanic” whales often stay in tight family groups for their entire lives. “Transient” orcas are a little different and can travel individually or in  large groups.  The orcas that we hope to encounter are individuals from the Eastern Tropical Pacific population that is known to travel between Baja and Costa Rica.

Mobula Ray Tour Encounters

Embarking on our luxurious expedition yacht,  we’ll follow this epic migration across the Sea of Cortez. Suitable for snorkellers, swimmers and divers of all experience levels and fitness, we’ll put you in the water for virtually unlimited time with schools of mobulas. 

If the rays are on the move, some encounters might only last minutes, but other encounters might last for an hour or longer, and sometimes the mobulas will even allow you into the middle of their squadron. The icing on the cake? Experience special night encounters with schooling rays as they swarm around our dive lights in shallow protected bays…

The Flying Rays of the Sea of Cortez

Seeing the colour variations and geometric patterns of these rays as they dance underwater is a hypnotizing sight and a dream for photographers. Above water, these rays have earned a reputation for their acrobatic prowess.  Hailed as the flying rays of the Sea of Cortez, rays are typically five to seven feet across, and witnessing males leaping out of the water, wings (pectoral fins) flapping, is an unforgettable sight. More athletic individuals can reach an altitude of ten feet or more, and while it’s a guess on our part, we believe that the higher the boys jump, the more impressed the girls are!

Important Note:
This is a physically active expedition.
You will have LONG days out on the water as  you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to get in the water with the animals. Sure, you can spend most or all day watching from the air-conditioned mothership or from the high speed RIB or Panga and choose not to get into the water.
This is a trip for divers and snorkelers.
Limited scuba diving opportunities will be available.

Day 1

Meet at the Cabo Dive Center at 4pm for a complimentary antigen test and if you need to be kitted out with a wetsuit and snorkeling gear.  Stick around for a complimentary Backscatter Photography Workshop in preparation for the incredible snaps you’ll be getting on this adventure.

At 7:30pm we will board the expedition yacht to depart for the Sea Of Cortez.   Starting with dinner as we make the 5 hour voyage to Cabo Pulmo

Day 2-6

Eat, sleep mingle with Mobulas, repeat

We will be working hard on this expedition to get you in the water with the biggest squadrons of mobula rays and the best chance of Orcas.  We will be dividing into two groups of 6 at a time in the high-speed support boat to get you into the water as often as possible.  The more time you splash, the greater the chances of an encounter with Mobulas and hopefully Orca too

Day 7

On the final day, you will have the opportunity to dive or snorkel at Cabo Pulmo World Heritage Biosphere Reserve, Home to some of the fishiest waters (over 6000 species and counting)Finish the day enjoying a BBQ on the beach before we sail for Cabo San Lucas

Day 8

End of the trip after breakfast we will disembark the boat in Cabo

Please note:

Once you book this trip, someone will be in contact with you very soon to coordinate the details of your trip and give you advice on anything you need to bring!