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Swim with Mako and Blue Sharks – Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Quick Details

Solo Passenger For Customers Traveling By Themselves | $700 Convenience Fee For A Private Room

Cabo San Lucas


We are staying at Hotel Tesoro, which is where we stay each year. It is conveniently located close to the boat  The rooms are comfortable but basic, and we reserve them as bookings are taken. You will need to indicate whether you want your own room or are sharing. The hotel has free wifi internet and a nice pool. Every afternoon, we rinse and relax here after our day on the water. Breakfast is included at the hotel


Lunch and snacks are included on the boat free of charge. This consists of sandwiches, fruit, chips, bars, soft drinks, and water.  Dinner is also separate and costs usually less than $25 each with drinks. Each evening we head out together and enjoy Mexican dining at any one of the fun restaurants on the marina. Dinner is a great time where we catch up on the day’s activities and share stories of our adventures.


A wetsuit is required. The water is quite warm. We recommend a full suit (3mm or less). You likely will be swimming a LOT, so we recommend comfortable full-foot fins (leave your heavy/stiff open-heel fins at home) and neoprene socks. Bring plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF as you are exposed to lots of sun.

Airport Transfers 

We can also arrange your shuttle from the airport to the hotel. The shuttle takes about 40 minutes.

Shark snorkel Includes:

Group shuttle transfers from airport to Tesoro Hotel

3 nights at Tesoro hotel, breakfast at hotel included

2 full days of shark dives, Snacks, lunch included, water

 Transfers Tesoro Hotel to San Jose del Cabo Airport

Please note: Once you book this trip, someone will be in contact with you very soon to coordinate the details of your trip and give you advice on anything you need to bring!